ogl homepageBack in 2002, John Winterburn was approached by the Workers Education Authority (WEA) to run a course on traditional brewing methods.

When the course started there were only a few members who met every couple of weeks and then headed off round to John’s shed afterwards for a few pints! Gradually a few more members joined up, the course became a success and so began “The Darlington Traditional Brewing Group”.

We are a small, friendly group of craft brewers who brew beers using the traditional full mash system. We source ingredients directly from major suppliers which allows us to brew anything between five and ten gallons for around 30 pence a pint.

We currently have nine members who brew in backyards, cellars, kitchens, sheds and even a farm building! The group meet every three to five weeks at different members’ bars to sample each others beers, talk about how the brewing process works and discuss recipes some of us have done.

By being members of the group and “bitten by the brewing bug”, Pete Fenwick now runs his own brewery (Mithril Ales), John Anderson (Big John) opened a bottled beer shop in Darlington Indoor Market and now runs The Half Moon in Northgate while Rob Brunton has joined forces with Brian, landlord of the Quaker, and is now brewing for that pub under the Experimental Scientists micro-pub.

If you would like further details about the group, brewing information or if you are even interested in joining the group, please fill in the form in ‘contact us’.

Thanks for taking the time out to visit our website. “Ours is a pint – as long as it’s craft brewed!”




John Anderson (St Andrew's Brewing)

(Big) John Anderson
(St Andrew’s Brewing)

Stuart Armstrong (Old Hartlpool Brewery)

Stuart Armstrong
(Old Hartlepool Brewery)

Richard Beadle (Primrose Hill Brewery)

Richard Beadle
(Primrose Hill Brewery)










Rob Brunton (Bali Hai Brewery)

Rob Brunton
(Bali Hai Brewery)

Trevor Daynes (The Owl Brewery)

Trevor Daynes
(The Owl Brewery)

Peter Fenwick (Mithril Brewery)

Peter Fenwick
(Mithril Brewery)










Ian Jackson (Tees Creek Brewing)

Ian Jackson
(Tees Creek Brewing)

John Winterburn (The Shed Brewery)


2 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Hi,Now that Hop&Grape is is No more.Are you able to suggest a source of crushed malts & hops, near Darlo.
    I’m planning to make a Fullers 1845 clone to keep me warm this winter.


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