A year by year account of what goes on at our meetings. I know what you’re thinking, ‘where’s 2014.’ The old saying, “you couldn’t organise a p**s-up in a brewery” sums it up I think. For some reason the year got off to a bad start, there were no meetings in January as the list for meetings wasn’t forthcoming. Rob said he would start the year off with a ‘do’ at his bar – we are now into February. At that meeting a volunteer was sought to hold the next meeting.

Big John pops his hand up and says he would do one but his bar was under going some sort of clean up, so it was decided that he would hold it in my bar. He brewed the brews and supplied the food and the evening went off all right, thank you very much. Remembering our disorganisation, a venue was required for the next meeting.

And so this went on throughout the year. On top of that, the trip had to be sorted. York would be the host this year. Some hope. As I write this, it is now November and the trip still hasn’t happened. A prediction Big John sarcastically scoffed at. Who knows, we may still have one, but, like John, I doubt it.

At one of our meetings it was decided that we won’t pay subs. A good idea on the surface but what lies beneath is surely a road to ruin? the £5 we each pay on those nights we attend a meeting. Throughout the year it adds up to quite a hefty sum: to pay for minibuses to those meetings out in the sticks; the once a year trip out; and, malts and adjuncts needed to brew. My only hope is I won’t get hammered with a large amount of money to pay out to go on the trip. A sentiment shared by a few. But all may change, who knows?

2015 is going to be different. Not only have we a new website, we have decided to hold the meeting every four weeks instead of three as in other years (ignoring 2014). We also have a timetable which we may stick to, but, as it’s open to change, that might change as well. Not only that, the reviews will be back!




































































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